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(Formerly East Vancouver Newcomer Camp)
Offering free of charge Summer Camps curated solely for newly immigrated refugee children with the goal of helping them overcome language and social barriers

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada

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We aim, through our dedication and commitment, to nurture the childrens' eagerness and positivity through both our academic and athletic components.




Duncan is a student in the Bachelor of International Economics program at UBC. When he was 11 years old, Duncan moved to Spain and was enrolled in a local public primary school. When he arrived, he didn’t speak a word of Spanish and it was only through his ability to play soccer and the school’s Spanish second language program that he was able to make friends. This has led Duncan to make it his goal to teach sports and English to recently arrived immigrant and refugee children, in order for them to have the tools they need to make friends in their new home.


Dakota is currently in his fourth year at UBC pursuing a Bachelors of History in the Faculty of Arts. With a developed understanding of aquatics through his active involvement competing and coaching, he has gained an appreciation for the benefits of athletic activity. In addition, Dakota values the positive effects sport can have on social development and I eager to offer this to the refugee children.


Publicity Director: Håkan Williams

Communications Director: Noah Levy

Recruitment Director: Haytham Alhamaydeh

Director of English Language Curriculum Design: Hoda Hamouda

Director of English Curriculum and Language Instruction: Sara Kherallah


We additionally pride ourselves with having a fantastic

staff of committed employees and volunteers.